Macally ASTAND, aluminum laptop stand

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Aluminum Horizontal Laptop Stand for Macbooks and Laptops up to 17"

The Macally ASTAND is an aluminum stand that raises your laptop screen to eye level for a better posture and view.

  • Adjustable grip fits iPhone, smartphone and any mobile device (with/without protective case) between 44 mm and 105 mm
  • Soft holder grip to protect your iPhone/smartphone from scratching
  • Arm grip release button for an easy removal of your iPhone/smartphone
  • 20 cm super-long flexible neck and 360-degree rotatable holder for the best viewing angle
  • Adjustable base for a perfect fit in most car cup holders
  • Built-in 21Watt USB charger (2 x 2.1A, 5V) to quickly charge any combination of two iPads, iPhones, iPods, smartphones, tablets or other USB-powered devices simultaneously
  • 2 USB ports (5V/2.1A each port) to quickly charge your mobile devices
  • 2 additional cigarette lighter sockets to charge other devices
  • Compatible with a 12-24V car cigarette lighter socket
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